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X_TRADER® 7 - The Next Generation in Futures Trading

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The World's Most Powerful Trading Tool is Now Better Than Ever

The X_TRADER® tool set has always given professional derivatives traders the edge with superior speed, stability and accuracy. Now X_TRADER® 7 delivers even more speed, more exchange connections and more powerful tools to further optimize your trading performance.

Faster Than Ever

Significant speed enhancements make this generation of X_TRADER® even faster than before. Price updates are more rapid and more granular, automated tools react more quickly and order entry time is shorter. X_TRADER® 7 also provides much faster fill downloads to improve speed and scalability for large multi-trader sites.

More Order Types

X_TRADER® 7 supports multiple order types, including Stop Markets and Stop Limits, Market on Open (MOO), Trailing Stops (TSL/TSM) and Order Cancels Orders (OCO).

More Powerful Tools

X_TRADER® 7 provides integrated charting with X_STUDY™. Major enhancements to MD Trader®, include the ability to configure MD Trader windows globally, faster quantity adjustments, Excel®-driven default quantities and "Laser lines," and exchange accurate volume at price. MD Trader also provides the ability to convert Treasury prices to yield and view Position in Queue (PIQ) on working orders. X_TRADER® 7 also includes new tools such as an innovative Quote Board, a new Floating Order Book and automated start of day functionality to carry positions within X_TRADER®.

X_TRADER® 7 incorporates the standard features that X_TRADER® has become known for:

  • Simultaneously trade multiple products and multiple markets from one fully-customizable screen in real time
  • High-speed connections to the leading derivatives exchanges
  • Single-click trade execution and order cancellation
  • Patented MD Trader® vertical market depth display allows immediate reaction to market ebb and flow
  • Fully-customizable desktop to match personal trading styles and preferences
  • Excel® spreadsheet and analytics links
  • Single-window access to view working orders, fills and market depth
  • Average price highlighting to show at a glance whether open positions are profitable relative to market conditions
  • Real-time fill and position details with easy access and dynamic audit trail
  • Support for market orders, limit orders, multiple contract orders, calendar spreads and interproduct spreads, plus specialized order contingencies such as GTC, FOK, IOC and Stops
  • Market maker functionality to make two-sided markets on any instrument

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